5 ways for a great Muay Thai stance: breakdown

In all types of martial art techniques, fighting stance is one of the important things. Every fighter should know the stance before fighting in a professional or a basic combat fight. Especially on the muay Thai stance.

Without knowing the right stance for the specific martial art, the fighter will be in a danger. Because a great stance prevents a fighter from getting critical strikes and helps the fighter to strike hard at their opponent.

So the perfect stance helps a fighter to have a great defense and a great offense. Especially in the Muay Thai fighting stance, the strikes are very brutal so every Muay Thai fighter needs to have the perfect stance, to not getting hit too hard.

So in this article, we will discuss the Muay Thai fighting stance:-

The Basic Fighting stance for muay thai

The ultimate goal for a fighting stance is to provide the best conditions for a fighter like:-

  • Full body defense
  • Effective footwork
  • Powerful and fast strikes

There is a subtle difference between the traditional and the basic or modernized stance for muay Thai. In a few seconds, we will discuss both fighting stances to know which one you can use easily and effectively.

1. Foot

Your feet should be on the width of your shoulder to have an easy and speedy movement and a solid base to faster attack and effective defense.

And your feet should never be flat on the ground. I’ve done this in my first class of MMA and with one opponent’s kick, I fell to the ground.

Always keep yourself light to your feet to have a good balance during getting hits on your legs. And it will help you to have a more fluent motion, and you can speed up your attacks and have a good defense just by having the back of your heel off the ground.

During a fight whenever you move to the right side, your right leg moves first. That goes with every side, it’s like whichever direction I move, my closer leg moves first.

2. Elbow In The Right Angel

source: muaythai.it

The hand and the elbows are always tucked high to throw easy punches and elbow shots and defending from the opponent’s strikes.

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With hand and the elbow, you have to make a kind of a triangle shape. Your elbows will be pointed outside to defense head and upper body kicks and throws powerful elbow shots.

3. Tucked Chin

If you don’t want to get knockout during a fight you need to tuck your chin, like really tucked. Like you’re holding a $100 bill underneath your chin and if you up to your chin the dollar bill will vanish.

4. Hold the power hands/leg back

Keep your power hands or legs back, so after having a defense shot you can shoot a powerful strike to your competitor.

And also in muay Thai, you have to kick by moving your hip, so it will help you to move your hip or your body naturally and powerfully.

5. The Right Body shape for a perfect muay thai stance

For a perfect stance, the body shape should be in the right way. Having a good body shape in a muay Thai match gives you more opportunity for some good effective strikes.

In Muay Thai your body should be relatively square to your opponents. It will help you to defense more shots and strike harder.

With the square body shape, you get quickness and more efficiency during the fight.

Some Additional Bonuses for your best muay thai stance:-

Don’t take huge steps

This is a very common mistake nowadays fighters make very often. You should never take big steps around the ring, by doing that you’ll open different parts of your body while being unable to strike back or defend yourself from the opponent’s strike.

So, take small and calculated steps to quickly get into your Muay Thai basic fighting stance and do your footwork effectively.

Don’t Criss Cross your legs

This is a very crucial point during a fight- if your legs get criss-cross during a fight there are only two things that can happen, first you will get knockout or you will get a very hard strike.

This is one of the most basic and important aspects of a fight for your footwork. If you criss-cross your leg during a fight you will get off balance and lose your defense and attacking ability.

A perfect stance helps the fighter to move, attack, and defense at his own pace, but if you criss-cross your leg in a fight you will lose all these options.

Traditional muay thai stance

1. Position of leg

In traditional Muay Thai stance, the position of the leg is very important because leg position is the foundation of any fighter’s stance. There are three types of foot position:-

  • 1-point support position (Yeun Neung Khum)
  • 2-point support position (Yeun Song Khum or square position)
  • 3-point support position (Yeun Saam Khum)
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2. Position of Arms

In Muay Thai, the body of a fighter is seen as a triangle, whose pointed vertices can be used as natural weapons that can be used in both attack and defense.

The elbows must be kept close to the sides of the body and the hands-on the front. A fighter’s body is divided into two halves and into upper-middle and lower areas.

In muay Thai, it’s called Muay Chaiya stance. The legend fighters compared it to a fruit called durian fruit. It’s like every time you try to touch it you’ll get hurt badly, because of the thorns that protect its shell.

Final Thoughts

Ok, so you should try different types of variation to get your type of perfect and comfortable fighting stance. Everyone’s a different human being with a different body style and different fighting style, so choose your own type of fighting stance but make sure to follow the basic stance principles, without these principles you can’t have a safe and powerful Thai stance.


Can a Muay Thai fighter beat a boxer?

In Long-range and short-range Muay Thai fighters use their legs, knee, and elbow to destroy a boxer and in medium-range, a boxer will obliterate the Muay Thai boxer with his powerful punches.

Basic Muay Thai footwork?

Muay Thai fighters keep their feet very light to have a very quick and effective movement. They use little footwork to launch massive leg strikes.

Muay Thai stance name?

The traditional Muay Thai stance name is Muay Chaiya

Muay Thai vs boxing stance which one is best?

Both stances have a common difference, the hip position. Both are best at their own combat style. In Muay Thai, their stance helps them to defense and quickly attack and that goes the same with boxing.

If you wanna learn more about Muay Thai you should check out this article:- Kickboxing vs Muay Thai

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