7 Great Muay Thai Gyms To Visit In Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you’re serious about muay thai and you want to see yourself as a professional muay thai fighter so, you need to train in Thailand (Chiang Mai ) – Why?

Because this is the place where this martial art technique has started… And here you’ll learn from the real hardcore trainers, and they don’t teach you with soft bags or tools (yeah this will be included) instead you will be learned with hard tools, to discover your real strength.

If you want to be a professional or you want to get fit, then Chiang Mai has a lot of great professional gyms where you’ll learn from the real fighters who have a lot of expertise in muay thai.

Here are some Famous well-known gyms that you consider visit and experience in Chiang Mai

1. Santai Muay Thai In Chiang Mai

Santai gym chiang mai muay thai
Source: instagram.com/santaimuaythai/

Here you can learn the old school muay thai techniques, like the traditional muay thai techniques from the expert trainer who knows all the ins and outs of muay thai.

They have different types of packages including an accommodation package if you want to get serious about your training.

Opening time: 6 am-7 pm (Mondays-Saturdays)

Follow them on Facebook: Santai Muay Thai

2. Hongthong Muay Thai

Hangthang muay thai gym
Source: instagram.com/hongthong_muaythai/

If you want to train from the best then you can consider this gym.

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The Hongthong Muay Thai gym is founded by the famous twin fighters from Bangkok – Hongthong Noi and Hongthong Lek.

The Hongthong brothers are well known in the Muay Thai world.

students will get a chance to train with the best.

Opening time: 8am-10am / 4pm-7pm (Mondays-Saturdays)

Follow them on Facebook: Hongthong Muay Thai

3. Chiangmai Muay Thai Gym

Chiangmai muay thai gym
Source: instagram.com/chiangmaimuaythaigym/

This is a great option for beginners, visitors can get there very easily cause they are located in the old city.

Their prices are very cheap relatively.

The trainers are very good at helping novices getting started with positive confidence.

Opening time: 8.30 am-10 am / 2 pm-8 pm (Mondays-Saturdays)( Currently they are changing the schedule due to Pandemic)

Follow them on Facebook: Chiangmai Muay Thai Gym

4. SkyKick Muaythai Gym

Skykick muay thai gym
Source: instagram.com/skykickgym/

This gym has a lot of fans because of their positive vibes.

This gym has very fun, supportive with lots of laughs and giggles. Very unintimidating for novices.

Opening time: 4pm-8.30pm (Mondays-Saturdays)

Follow them on Facebook: SkyKick Muaythai Gym

5. Heavy Hit Boxing Gym

Heavy hit boxing gym chiang mai
Source: instagram.com/heavyhit_boxing_gym_chiangmai/

This has a slogan that perfectly fits into their aim, the slogan is “Keep Up the Heavy Training”.

Which is their main motto to help all ages and genders people to stay fit and healthy.

Opening time: 8 am-12 pm / 3 pm-8 pm (Mondays-Saturdays) & 8am-12pm (Sundays)

Follow them on Facebook: Heavy Hit Boxing Gym

6. BBN Boxing Gym Chiangmai

BBN Boxing gym
Source: instagram.com/bbn_boxing_gym_chiangmai/

If you want to learn from the best and you’re dead serious about Muay Thai, as a result, you should consider a visit to this gym.

An Olympic medalist is on to train the student’s Muay Thai on a hardcore level.

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Opening time: 8 am-8 pm (Mondays-Saturdays)

Follow them on Facebook: BBN Boxing Gym Chiangmai

7. Tiger Muay Thai Chiang Mai

tiger muay thai gy chiang mai
Source: instagram.com/tigermuaythaichiangmai/

TIger muay thai camp has established over 15 years ago, and its main branch is in Phuket, Thailand. The Phuket branch is world-renowned as a leader in MMA, Muay Thai, and fitness instruction.

It’s a very popular and professional muay Thai gym and they also have an accommodation system, and they have their equipment and tools brand.

Opening time: 10 AM-7 PM (Monday-Saturday)

Follow them on Facebook: Tiger Muay Thai Gym

Take Away

Ok, so if you want to learn muay thai in Chiang Mai, I have mentioned all the details above. So you can choose for yourself which gym will be best suited for you. So, all the best for you to learning muay thai in Chiang Mai.

If you have any queries please mentioned them below in the comment box, I will surely reply to you.

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