About Us

HI ! Sam here, founder and chief editor for Passive Lion dot com.

Passive Lion is created as an ongoing document of my personal Muay Thai journey. I’m gathering knowledge from all the books, videos, and learning from some of the best fighters, for the sake of my passion and share my experience on this site. 

I now post Muay Thai knowledges on my Instagram and Facebook too.

Whether you are an absolute Muay Thai newbie or a professional Nak muay – whether you train for your fitness or to compete,  hopefully, you will find something awesome, inspiring or helpful here on this site. 

Passive Lion is dedicated to unleashing your true potential whether you’re a newbie or a professional Nak muay, we will fill your life through the power of Muay Thai. 

We cover everything from Thailand travel tips, gear reviews, training guides, tips and tricks, and best brands for your Muay Thai Career, gym reviews, and fighter’s life story.