What is Bang Muay Thai? The best Combat technique?

What is bang muay thai?

The Bang Muay Thai (BMT) system is a hybrid style of martial arts which is mixed with all assortment tools & concepts of Dutch Kickboxing, Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, and Kyokushin Karate to make the world’s elite striking technique in the world of mixed martial art, and it’s created by Duane “Bang” Ludwig.

BMT is available completely online through videos lessons and curriculums, drills provided by Coach Duane Ludwig.

But who is Duane “Bang” Ludwig? Why fighters and champions will use this system in the cage?

Just stick with me, and I will provide you with all the information.

Who is Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig

Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig is the founder of BMT and the main coach in the system.

Duane Ludwig is a decorated World-Class kickboxer, Muay Thai champion, and World-Class Mixed Martial Artist.

And he also won the title of 2 time Coach of the year 2013 & 2014. And he also coaches a UFC fighter, T.J. Dillashaw.

In the MMA world, he is known for his insanely technical striking, and his unofficial fastest knockout in UFC history of 0.06 seconds, and the record is still unbroken.

How Bang Muay Thai was developed?

The BMT method by Duane Ludwig is now being used in UFC by TJ Dillashaw and Joseph Benevidez.

Once Ludwig describes the argument behind the BMT system was it’s great for weekend warriors or as highly skilled fighters such as TJ Dillashaw.

” I’m teaching martial arts to not just fighters, right? I’m teaching normal people. We’re taking the traditional model of karate, taekwondo, and, instead of forms and katas, we’re just doing higher percentage drills and combinations that are effective in the cage or the street fights.

The key features of Bang Muay Thai

BMT uses many unique number systems for combos that differentiate from the most boxing and kickboxing combos that are commonly being used.

They use very different technical strikes to shock their opponents.

The Number System

The main strikes are different as the ease of developing fully complex combinations by putting together many different combos in a seamless flow.

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Ludwig shows the importance of being able to process all the information from the fighting corner by using the BMT number system.

The number system is the key point in BMT and allows making longer and more complex combos with lots of movement that works to keep your opponent off balance and less able to predict your next attacks.

The Difference between Bang Muay Thai and traditional fighting is the numbers for combos.

Combo Bang Muay ThaiMuay Thai/Kickboxing/Boxing
2.Jab, CrossCross
3.Jab, Cross, HookHook
4.Jab, Cross, Cross, HookJab, Cross, Hook

During BMT drill they refer to the traditional 1,2,3 low kick to 3, low kick.

They use multiple numbers of techniques in their method.

It means after the low kick you have to throw a jab, cross to ensure you keep your opponent on the defensive stance and ensure that you don’t take a break between combos, especially after a low kick.

As with any fighting style, it’s basic for both fighters to take a little break after a low kick is thrown.

But in the BMT method, there are no breaks, you have to keep the pressure on your competitors.

This is achieved through fluid process combos training.

Source: instagram.com/bangmuaythai

Angles and getting off the line of your opponent

This is a key point and is based on a solid foundation in footwork.

Getting angles or stay out of the line of your opponent help you from keeping yourself safe from your opponent’s power and also put yourself in a position you can do more damage to your opponent’s weak or blindside.

This is what coach Ludwig refers to getting off the line and attacking from an angle to get better successful combos with a higher probability of landing on your opponent.

Switching stance

This is a very useful method in BMT. Where in any combat sport coaches will tell you to stay on your natural stance with some flexibility to switch stance.

But in BMT they teach you to operate both stances from the beginning.

In Sensei Ludwig states will make you able to increase your striking and defense options.

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So, instead of sticking into one, switching your stance can double up your opportunities.

The Bang Muay Thai belt system

Ludwig wants to go fully legit, so he has his professional combat system, which has a clear curriculum from white belt to up to black belt.

Source: jiujitsu-news.com

Although you can learn and practice the systems online the Belt testing requires in-person testing in the nearest HQ or any affiliated gym.

As with traditional martial arts, Bang Muay Thai also teaches you the necessary discipline and receptiveness.

Like before you get on the mats you bow and then you bow towards your competitor before starting the drillings.

So, they are also making traditional respect between their competitors.

Bang Muay Thai online academy

The BMT system is available online to learn. Currently, 3 levels are consisting 52 video lessons on levels 1 and 2.

You’ll get two years of weekly video lessons available online, starting from the beginning like the basics of footwork and stance up to the more complex BMT ninja combos.

On their online platform, they have their community forum, where everybody is very helpful if you’ve any query about any lesson you can freely ask and get your query solved.

You will be provided with accessible footage of their seminars and instruction from Bas Rutten and other great coaches.

There are approximately 40 BMT affiliate gyms worldwide that teach you the exact Bang Muay Thai techniques and systems.

Is This System Is Right For You?

I would say, this system is for everyone.

This system is a reflection of the traditional martial art and the newly modernized technique, because of the techniques they modeled on.

So from kids starting, weekend warriors, martial artists, professional fighters all can have a great benefit from learning the BMT system.

For those who are interested in learning and practicing from home, the Bang Muay Thai system is very helpful.

Final Words

The breakdowns of every technique in the weekly lessons taught by Ludwig and the curriculum structure make the Bang Muay Thai system perfect for everyone.

But it’s ultimately up to you, whether you can practice as hard as you should or not, and how much you learn will depend on how much you can observe and then practice and sharp the techniques.

Image Source: instagram.com/bangmuaythai

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