Muay Khao: The Great Knee Fighter

Muay Khao Knee fighters

This is not very entertaining, joyful, or flashy. And it’s also not a style known for knocking out. It’s a scoring-based elite Muay Thai style in Thailand. Muay Thai is not just one style, it’s as mixed as any sports out there. Like boxing has brawler, boxer-puncher, counter-puncher, etc. Muay Thai also has its different … Read more

MongKhon: Why Do Muay Thai Fighters Wear Headbands?

Mongkol muay thai headband

If you’ve ever watched a Muay Thai fight, then you’ve probably thought about why they wear a headband? What is The Muay Thai Headband? Muay Thai is a martial art of long hold rituals and traditions that start in the 16th century. This culture started in ancient Thailand. In Thailand, the Muay Thai headband is … Read more

Best Muay Thai Fighting Stance For Effective strikes And Defense

muay thai stance

In every martial art technique, the main thing that helps a fighter to win is the stance and how well he managed the stance with his moves. The fighting stance is the most effective fundamental position every martial artist will learn. Especially in Muay Thai fighting stance, a fighter strike should complement the fighting stance … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Learn Muay Thai? 5 Proven Ways To Shorten The Time It Takes


Maybe you’re just getting started in Muay Thai training, and have been thinking about ” how much time it will take me to learn Muay Thai professionally?” Or maybe you’re thinking how good your teammates and your instructors are, and how long they have trained to get here? So, now I’m going to solve all … Read more