Finding The Best Muay Thai Gym Near Me?

Finding the best and effective muay thai gym near you is decided on your location. Yes, your location.

when it comes to taking up a new sport, it’s decides on your current location.

Likewise, if you want to learn Muay Thai as a beginner, your growth depends on the place you’re learning. But don’t worry I’m here to solve the challenge on how to find the best Muay Thai gyms near you.

But make sure to read the full content to learn how you can find out the best muay thai gyms near you to train in your local area as well as the things you should consider before start training.

At the end of the article I’ve also include some of the most useful list of things to look out before you sign up to any gym.

Key Things To Consider

May be location is the most important thing to consider, but there are other key aspects that you also need to consider.

Muay Thai Gyms vs MMA Gyms

MMA gyms are often great places to learn muay thai. This also has an upside, cause you’ll get a lot of options to choose from. Here they can offer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Boxing, Taekwondo, and conditioning.

But here’s the catch, you need to watch out for the MMA gym membership fees, cause it would be usually more costly because they’re offering bigger facilities, a wide range of trainers, various equipment setups, etc.

But remember to ask them about any specific discount if you are only planning to train muay thai.


Membership price can be a big factor of starting your training, but higher fees does not define the valuable instruction but it can mean higher facilities. 

But try not to discount discount small family business, cause they often provide more personable instructions and great facilities.

There are some muay thai gyms who take annual fees, while others prefer monthly subscription.

The annual memberships are cheaper but you have to pay a big amount of money. So you can choose which type of membership is suited for your financial preference.

Training Goals

Okay so training goals play a big role in this, you should always clear this on your head, maybe your learning for fitness, self-defense, or to compete. 

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Traditional fitness gyms sometimes offer muay thai, but they mostly focus on cardio, but the authentic muay thai can be more helpful if you want to learn self-defense, fitness, or competition.

Most muay thai gyms are very welcoming if you only just want to get fit.

Tips Finding Muay Thai Gym Near You

muay thai near me

Nowadays Muay Thai is becoming extremely popular all around the world. So, you will be able to find muay thai gyms near you, cause more training options are available in most cities.

Here are some the best ways to find them :-

1. Ask For Recommendations on Facebook

In the world of digital you can find a lot of good suggestion on social platforms like, Facebook.

There you have access to most of your family, friends, maybe who knew or have trained muay thai before, who can give you a right direction.

I have many friends who trained muay thai, and I start train on their suggestion and it kind of took off my expectations.

But don’ worry if you don’t have any friends who are learning or know people who knows muay thai gyms.

2. Search on Google “Muay Thai Near Me” 

If the recommendation doesn’t work for you then Google is your best friend. Simply just search “Muay Thai near me” and it will probably give you a long list of gyms near your location.

And remember to on your GPS for better results.

3. Always Check Out Review Websites

Now if you selected a gym based on your location, so now it’s time to check their background. Any good and professional muay thai gym will have their own website, google business page, or a Facebook group at least.

Then it’s time to search about the gym on google, and you will find a info box on the search results. Here you can see the reviews of that particular gym.

Besides Google Business and Facebook, there is a good review checking website Yelp. There are some bad gyms that write their own reviews, so make sure to look for all review sources for a balanced idea.

4. Do A Background Check

So, now is the time to check the backgrounds of the instructors. Start with the gym’s official website, social media pages for looking at their videos, then go to their personal Facebook, Instagram page to check their conditionals.

Students who really enjoy their classes will definitely like and comment on their gym/instructor’s social media pages.

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5. Try A Trial Class

Now if all the things look good so far, then call them for a trial class. Almost every gym provides trial classes (mostly free but some are paid) and it will help you to compare some gyms around you.

And it will help you to get to know more about any gym, you can talk to their other members in person.

Major Things to Check before signing up

muay thai gym near me

As per my promise here’s the most useful list of things to look out before you sign up to any gym.

Maintenance & Hygiene

No one wants to train to a dusty and poorly managed place, with unclean and tired equipment and bad hygiene environment.

Look out for bad maintenance like holes in the mats, badly-torn leather on heavy bags.

In untidy gyms the most common risk is the skin infection so please look out for cleanliness.

Quality Instruction 

This is a key deciding point to choose a good instructor.

The championship belt of any instructor doesn’t matter, cause many big champions can’t teach at all.

The best qualities of any good instructors are motivation, passion for fighting and teaching, full fight experience and enthusiasm.  

Class timings

For any working person it’s very important to match the timing. So, ask for their time table to see is there any time where you can learn in your free time.


Okay here comes the deciding key, your location. If you live in a big city, then it will be very easy for you to choose from, cause it will help you to find a good gym around you, that’ll motivate you to get going.

But those who are living in a small town will have a little problem, cause they may not have these benefits.

There are two option for them, first you drive a little further of the town on the weekends, or second you can learn online and practice at your home, like Bang muay thai.

Final Words

Training muay thai is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my whole life, it makes me more confident, positive, stronger, and motivated towards my goals.

So, I hope the same for you, and I hope you’ll find a good gym to train, and here the first option to find a gym near you is should be searching on google “muay thai near me”.

Good luck for your muay thai journey.

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