Hah Taew (5 lines)Sak Yant Tattoo Meanings

Thailand is the homeland of Sak Yant tattoos, this Sak Yant tattoos are especially seen on the Muay Thai fighter’s body. Where Hah Taew(5 lines) is the most popular Sak yant tattoo among Thailand’s people and also among foreigners, because of its believed diverse powers.

This is the primary reason why it’s also called Muay Thai tattoos.

The Sak Yant Tattoo is a traditional tattoo, which is made by monks in Thailand while chanting prayers and giving blessings using a needle made of steel.

Hah Taew (5 lines) Meanings


“Hah Taew” 5 lines represent the 5 Yant’s or magical spells.

This is also one of the three most commonly used and very famous Sak Yant Tattoos.

You can say it’s the most favorite Sak Yant in Thailand, South East Asian people, and also for foreigners, because of many reasons.

For a tourist or a Sak Yant newbie, this is among the three that monks suggest because of its diverse universal powers.

This Sak Yant is believed to written 700 years ago in an ancient Thai script Khom by a  monk from Chiang Mai, Kruba Kam of Wat Ton Pin monastery.

All five lines of Ha Taew Sak Yant tattoo have their different meanings, with different blessings, like:-

  • The first line is a blessing to protects you and the place you live from unwanted spirits or negative energies.
  • The second line is a blessing that protects against bad fortune, loss, and reverse from that.
  • The third line is a blessing which is made to protect you against black magic or if someone has cursed you.
  • The fourth row is a blessing that attracts good luck, success, and fortune to fulfil your dreams, goals, and ambitions.
  • The fifth line is used to boost your charisma, attraction, increase confidence in your opposite sex and it also helps to boost the power of the fourth line.
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At the end of every line, there is a Unaalome (ever-decreasing spiral) to complete a yant.

This spiral is a sign of the daily diversions we face in our daily life and as we grow older and wiser.

As we grow older and wiser the spiral decreases and becomes a straight pointed line upwards.

This shows the path to true enlightenment or nirvana

The Sak Yant Rules For Hah Taew Sak Yant Tattoo

There are certain rules which should be followed by a Sak Yant tattoo bearer, these can change from one monk to another monk.

These are the all in general rules:-

  • Never steal something for your personal growth.
  • Don’t kill a person with intent.
  • Never tell lies that can be harmful to others. There’s a slight difference between white lies and black lies. We all tell white lies, but you should know the difference.
  • Do not speak bad things about people behind their back which can cause them harm.
  • Don’t swear at your parents or disrespect your parents in any way.
  • Never overconsume alcohol which can be trouble for others.
  • Don’t walk under sexual underwear, it can bring temptations or distractions for the opposite sex.
  • Never participate in an evil deed, which is meant to harm someone or something.


Thailand has become a very popular place for traveling, where people from all around the world go to travel.

And, as the foreigners growing, they want to know more about their culture.

But, In this way or another, the popularity of Sak Yant tattoos are keep growing and growing.

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Many people make these tattoos because they like the designs, but some belief in their belive and make this with hope.

And after making it you should try your best to follow all the rules given above.

If you don’t follow any of these rules the power of the tattoo will vanish.

But as we’re humans we are meant to do mistakes.

So, realize your mistakes and try to follow the rules again and again, so the power may return.

So, I guess now you know all about “Hah Taew” Sak Yant.

And if you wanna know more about other Sak Yant tattoo designs and meanings you can see them here.

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