How Long Does It Take To Learn Muay Thai? 5 Proven Ways To Shorten The Time It Takes

Maybe you’re just getting started in Muay Thai training, and have been thinking about ” how much time it will take me to learn Muay Thai professionally?”

Or maybe you’re thinking how good your teammates and your instructors are, and how long they have trained to get here?

So, now I’m going to solve all your queries about the time you need to put on to become a great Muay Thai fighter and some tips and tricks to speed up the process.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Muay Thai?

So, like with any other martial art, it’s important to know the difference between the word “learn” and “master”.

First clear yourself about these two words, that if you just want to learn or want to master.

Here, “learn” means actually learning the strategies and techniques of Muay Thai (or any other martial art form) but using all the techniques and strategies unconsciously or any other situation at any point of a time called “mastering”.

Master is the top of their game, he/she knows all the in and outs of Muay Thai.

They master all the techniques, moves by practicing for years.

Generally, the basics of Muay Thai can be learned in 3-6 months if the student is dedicated.

Then to be proficient at the basics it will take about 8-12 months, then the fighter can use the techniques in sparring.

For the first fight, it will take about 9-14 months or longer and it fully depends on the fighter. ( Your coach will decide when you are ready to fight)

And the last thing is if you want to master Muay Thai then it will take many years for a beginner or anyone at the process.

Mostly it depends on the person, how much time and effort he has put into learning.

Do Previous Experience in Martial Arts Helps?

Yes, if you’ve experience of any martial art form, then you’re ahead of the curve.

It can easily speed up the process, if you’ve any previous experience in any martial arts like Boxing, Taekwondo, or any other.

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Because you’ve learned the skills like dedication, discipline that will help you in your Muay Thai journey.

Although the strategies, kicking/punching combinations, techniques, clinching, strategies all are completely different but they do have many similarities.

If you’ve experienced any other striking sports, then you’ll be already ahead of your candidates of learning Muay Thai very quickly than other persons.

How Much Time To Train Muay Thai to Learn the Fastest?

If you are fully committed to learning Muay Thai at a hardcore level, then you can do that by learning 2 times a day 6 days a week.

But practically this is not possible if you have a 9 – 5 job or studying and working night shifts, you’ll get beat down easily.

So, the more practical and general timeline will be learning 3 days a week and have a proper solo heavy bag training at home for about r 2-3 sessions per week.

For fast progress, you need to have at least 3 sessions a week in the gym and 2 sessions a week at home for speeding up your learning process.

And if you can put up more time in your training then you’re progress will be faster than your training partners.

5 Proven Ways To Faster The Learning Time in Muay Thai

There are many ways to faster the learning process.

1. Solo Training Outside the Gym

Like I told you before with the gym sessions you also have to do solo training outside your gym.

Learn the techniques at the gym and then apply them on the solo training.

Setting up a bag in your home and put on some focused training to improve your strength, mobility, techniques will help you a lot to reduce the time frame to learning muay Thai.

By doing some heavy bag sessions at your home will boost up the learning process.

2. Take One to One Sessions with Good Trainers

In group sessions with a lot of students, it is hard for a coach to individually correct your mistake.

But by having a private one and one coach you’ll get the full attention and the complete focus of your coach.

And your trainer now can teach you in-depth to improve your techniques and the required skills, and also he will teach you new techniques or strategies.

And this way you’ll be way ahead of your competitors/training partners.

3. Work More on Hip Mobility

Good hip mobility is a very important part of Muay Thai

It’s required to perform some of the effective techniques in Muay Thai like the roundhouse kick, teep, and knees.

Hip mobility is also required to block the body and headshots.

This is the first thing you should learn properly because it’s a very important thing a complete beginner should work on very early to make good progress.

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4. Recover, Rest, and Get Proper Nutrition

If you’re training very hard and also living another life like going to school or doing a job, then you’re probably missing out on sleep.

And this can lead you to get sick and after getting sick you’ll miss classes.

As result, you’ll probably take more time to learn Muay Thai than others.

So pay close attention to your sleep, physical health, and also mental health. (mental health is also very important in Muay Thai)

By doing proper rest and recovery you’ll save more time in your training, because if you don’t recover properly then it can cause sickness and injuries.

5. Watch Professional Muay Thai Fights and Technique Videos

Watching fights can help you a lot to understand the mindset and the techniques you should use.

You can watch many fights on YouTube for free.

But don’t overwatch, just watch some critical techniques that pro fighters use…follow some professional fighters and copy their moves and make your own move.

You can watch these videos while stretching or mobility training.

It will help you to learn some professional moves, techniques that will ultimately reduce your time very much.

Is Muay Thai difficult to learn?

An easy answer for this is, yes.

Muay Thai is hard, ask any pro fighter about this topic everybody will tell you that Muay Thai is hard to learn.

It takes a massive amount of dedication, discipline, and courage.

But it’s worth it, cause you either learning Muay Thai for fun, to compete, or losing weight it is a very rewarding experience you’ll never forget.

Yeah, it’s hard at the beginning but if you stay focused after a time you’ll get addicted to Muay Thai.

So I would say just try it yourself, and decide that it is hard or not.

How many times a week should I train Muay Thai?

Ideally, it’s 4 times a week, but if you want to learn Muay Thai quickly then you should take it 5 times a week.

But remember don’t overdo it, it can cause serious injuries.

If any day you don’t feel well, mentally or physically then take the day off.

So, these are the ways for you to fasten the process of learning Muay Thai. I hope this helps, and if you like this article please leave a comment below.

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