How To Wrap Your Hands For Muay Thai

Muay Thai, also known as the art of the eight limbs, uses eight body points to strike.

It’s arguably one of the most aggressive and effective striking martial art sport.

Muay Thai is certainly the most full fetch striking system using shins, knees, elbows, and fists.

For learning Muay Thai you have to practice shadow boxing, endurance training to increase your stamina, learning critical techniques to beat your opponents, and most almost daily sparring to make you comfortable in the ring.

But one thing that people don’t know before training is that you’ll get a lot of small brushes, cuts, other minor injuries in the gym while training.

And one of the dangerous injuries that you can get while training is your fists injury.

If you didn’t use a hand wrap before your training, then most probably you’re gonna get a long-term injury in your fists.

And in striking combat sport, if your fists aren’t 100%, you’ll probably lose anyway.

Also, a good and comfortable hand wrap will protect your hands and gives you more strength in your Muay Thai fights.

So, never make these kinds of mistakes and learn to wrap your hands properly before starting your muay thai training.

The Process Of Wrapping Your Hands For Muay Thai

  • Step 1: Roll your hand wraps inwards just like the packaging time
  • Step 2: Place the thumb loop over your thumb for a perfect wrap holding
  • Step 3: Then Wrap almost 4 to 5 times around your wrist properly
  • Step 4: After that wrap 1 time around your thumb
  • Step 5: Wrap over your wrist, then over the top of the hand and under your knuckles
  • Step 6: Now wrap around your knuckles three times properly cause this is the part where you’ll do the most striking.
  • Step 7: Wrap around the top of your hand and your wrist for a good tightness
  • Step 8: Now this is an interesting part, wrap around your ring finger and your pinky
  • Step 9: Then wrap that around the top of your hand and your wrist
  • Step 10: Now wrap between your ring finger to all the way through your middle finger
  • Step 11: Wrap your top of the hands and your wrist
  • Step 12: Now wrap between your middle finger and your index finger
  • Step 13: Wrap your top and under your wrist
  • Step 14: Now Wrap across your wrist with the remaining wrap, and now you’re all set for your training/fight.
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some Wrong steps while wrapping your hand:-

  1. Don’t wrap your hands too loose, it will be very frustrating while your training/fight if it gets loose.
  2. Don’t wrap your hands too tight, it will be very painful for you while throwing the punches. It will affect your mobility, blood circulation, and many more while training.
  3. Also, make sure the correct side of the wrap is facing down when wrapping.
  4. Make sure to wrap your hands in the recommended steps to give the proper support they need.

The Different Types of Hand wraps

There are many types of hand wraps available in the market, but the most commonly fighters use three types of hand wraps.

The cloth wraps are the most common wrap for training, cause it’s easy to wear and reusable.

And there are Gauze and elastic wraps that are the best hand wraps while competitions.

Because these wraps protect the wrist while fighting

  • Cloth wraps: The most common hand wraps that are only used for training. Because these hand wraps are more affordable, washable, and reusable, and these wraps are made to last for years if taken care of properly. This wrap is easy to wear, any fighter who knows the right way can wear this wrap by himself.
  • Tape and gauze wrap: The best type of hand wrap for professional combat sports. The highest level of protection for the wrist and the lightest option provides the best solution for professional competitions. This wrap involves gauze and athletic tape that fits perfectly on the hands. Also, this wrap has some downsize with it this wrap is not reusable and you have to get someone to apply this wrap (otherwise it can take a lot of time or can’t be done perfectly).
  • Elastic bandage wraps: These wraps are pretty similar to cloth wraps with some more advanced features. They are more stretchable to fit right in your hands, they are more breathable than the cloth wrap. And the best feature is they did not get loose during training or fight. And the only downside is that some people might find this a little bit thicker.
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