Muay Femur: The Muay Thai Technical Prime Style Explained

In Thailand, every Muay Thai fan loves to see brawl each fighter in the ring, but they also love one thing the technicalities they use.

This is a very exciting & interesting fighting style that is equally vicious and beautiful at the same time. In the Muay Thai world, there are many styles but there is one style of fighter who are technical masters.

This is a tough sport, fighters get brutally knocked out, cut, slashed with the elbow, knees, bruised.

This is a very brutal, aggressive sport, but this is not at all this is also a very strategic sport. And, especially those strategically intelligent and technical fighters called the Muay Femur.

So, let’s know all about the world of Muay Femur in this article.

What Is The Muay Femur?

Muay Femur is a Muay Thai technical fighting style that focuses on skills, intelligence rather than pure aggression and power to win fights.

So, basically “Muay Femur” is translated as a skilled or artful boxer.

There are many other Muay Thai styles like Muay Khao who are aggressive knee fighters, Muay Mat is heavy punchers, and Muay Tae is specializing in strong kicking.

But Muay Femur it’s different it doesn’t have any specialization apart from its strategic intelligence and the mastery of all weapons in the art of 8 limbs, and they know which weapon to use at a particular time.

Muay Femur fighters do not fight with a single fighting style, they change their fighting style depending on their opponents fighting style.

They can also be very aggressive at the time of need.

They fight very intelligently, to win they mostly focus on points but in the end, they can effectively end the fight with a knockout.

And this skill makes this style the most admired and practiced but only a few can truly become a master.

They are highly skilled, tricky, and very complicated to understand in a ring. They also have a very good and light comfortable balance while fighting.

They’re very calm while in a fight, but the second they found an opportunity they just finish their opponents.

Their brain works more than their body, and this is the reason for their gift of supreme technicality.

There are many legendary Femur fighters who have gain a lot of success and respect while not being physically perfect but perfect in their technique.

Like Modern-day legend, Saenchai is almost the shortest in comparison to his opponents, and Golden era legend Samart Payakaron is believed to have small lungs and very weak cardio.

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But still, both femur fighters have got great success using their technical IQ.

Some Muay Femur’s Techniques To Win Fights

Muay Femur is a very intelligent and technical fighter.

They are absolutely like a well-rounded Assasian/hitman who is very skillful with all the weapons around them.

Muay Femur often does not tend to finish a fight (knockout or anything) but they win by judge decisions.

They use their fighting IQ to see themselves through win using their knowledge of the rules and their techniques to score.

There are some techniques Muay Femur commonly use to win, so let’s discuss them:-

  • Superior Movement

Muay Femur fighters are very famous for their ultimate movements in their fights.

They have a very good knowledge of spacing, footwork, minimizing and maximizing gaps, and every movement.

Where Boxing, kickboxing, French boxing fans troll Muay Thai for not having good footwork, or head movement(especially their stiff stance), there come Muay Femur legends like Samart, Somrak, and Saenchai.

While fighting they’re very fast, agile, and energetic that no one can control.

They always stay ahead of their opponent’s just like the game of chess, because of their ability to read their opponent’s mind(next move).

  • Using Offense & Defense To Outscore

They’re not like a fighter who goes head to head, punch to punch with their opponents.

They tend to fight very strategically and not to go into the rush like other aggressive fighters.

Mostly they are the calmest and well-balanced fighters you’ll ever saw fighting.

They’re often seen as counter fighters, who are continuing to fight to get control of the fight not chasing aggressively.

Firstly they just wait to detect their opponent’s weakness and then finish them off by outscoring them through the whole fight.

  • Super Technical Moves

Well, I know that it’s obvious that they have good technical skills, but we have to talk about this.

Because they don’t just use any normal techniques, apart from those they also use some very complicated and powerful strikes no one ever knew about.

Fighters like Samart, Saenchai, and Somrak use some really crazy moves that blow everybody’s mind.

When Muay Femur’s master their work for a long time, they get extremely technical with an awesome style to watch.

They had their own signature moves, some very elite techniques like Matrix lean back, flying elbow, and great defense from any attacks.

These fighters know how to control themselves in a fight, they know how to control their emotions, aggressions.

And, that’s why Femur’s are very complicated to defeat.

They can know what’s their opponent’s next move, so they also have a counter-attack for them.

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They know their next kick, next punch, next knee everything, that’s why they can minimize the injuries and have a very low rate of knockout.

Just like I told you before it’s a chess game for them, they stay ahead of their opponent’s.

  • Extremely Unpredictable

Muay Femur’s have their own mental game, where they know when to attack and when to defend and they keep their opponent’s in dark.

They have a great understanding of every Muay Thai style, that’s why they can predict what’s coming next.

But predicting Muay Femur’s is very tough work to do.

While fighting they’re the most coolest and calmest person you will see fighting.

And because of their extremely unpredictable techniques and styles they’re are very exciting to watch fighting.

Some Great Muay Femur Fighters

Muay Khao Knee fighters

There are many Muay femur’s who have won several l championships but some manage to get into the Muay Thai history book.

And, today we will talk about them.

  • Samart Payakaron

Golden Era Legend Samart Payakaroon is the first fighter that comes to the mind of older Muay Thai fans.

And for modern-day fans, he is considered the GOAT of Muay Thai.

He was not that stylish(flashy) in the ring, but he outclassed his opponents with his unmatched speed and movements.

  • Karuhat Sor Supawan

Karuhat is a great fighter in the golden era of Muay Thai but he was very underrated.

He beats his opponents using his massive skills of explosive speed & accuracy.

While he doesn’t have a perfectly blessed body, he has to fight a much taller fighter than himself.

He also beats them with his awesome techniques that are still unmatched today.

  • Somrak Khamsing

Now Somark Khamsing is the man who has his own league, which is untouchable.

He has the most unpredicted techniques, head and body movements, lighting speed, and all the complex techniques anyone could think of.

He was also one of the very few fighters who have include the ancient Muay Boran style in modern ring fighting.

  • Saenchai

Saenchai is the modern-day legend who is also believed to be the GOAT of Muay Thai.

He has a fight record that speaks of his ability. He is a very fun and exciting fighter to watch in the ring, because of his ultimate trademark moves.

Also, he has the perfect ability of clean footwork, lightning speed, very exciting and sharp moves, and mostly his ability to read his opponent’s mind.

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