Muay Khao: The Great Knee Fighter

This is not very entertaining, joyful, or flashy. And it’s also not a style known for knocking out.

It’s a scoring-based elite Muay Thai style in Thailand. Muay Thai is not just one style, it’s as mixed as any sports out there.

Like boxing has brawler, boxer-puncher, counter-puncher, etc. Muay Thai also has its different fighting styles as well.

Muay Khao is also a very popular Muay Thai fighting style in Thailand, it is also known to win the most championships and belts in the stadium of Bangkok.

What Is Muay Khao?

Muay Khao is a Muay Thai fighting style mostly based on Knee strikes.

In Thai Muay Means “Boxing” and Khao means “knee”, so, it translates to Knee boxing in the Thai language.

Muay Khao fighters are mostly close-ranged offensive fighters, who are very aggressive like Muay Bouk fighters.

Their also very technical clinch fighters, with huge stamina. You’ll beg them to get some time to rest.

They are one of the most well-rounded fighters with exceptional muscle endurance, stamina, and cardio. And, they’re the masters of clinching.

They are absolutely scared fighters to share a ring with them, they’ll never give you a nanosecond to rest.

They’ll always move forward like a machine, and try to grab and when they grab, after some seconds you’ll end up controlled by his clinch.

And you’ll be destroyed by the mid to long-range knees, along with some elbows and punches.

After you end up on their clinch you won’t be able to move on your own, for then they’ll have full control of you. For that, they’re also called the clinch masters.

Top Muay Thai Knee Techniques Used By The Muay Khao Fighters

Muay Thai Knee strikes are one of the most brutal body parts used in Muay Thai followed by the elbows.

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If the knee is used properly it can do a lot of damage.

In Muay Thai knees are used for various reasons, one of them is you can use knees to block kicks and also keep a distance between you and your opponent.

So, here are some major knee techniques used by the Muay Khao fighters:-

Diagonal Knees

Diagonal knees are a very powerful technique used by the Muay Khao fighters.

This strike is thrown to the opponent’s ribs or the side part of the body by the knees while twisting the hip to generate more force.

These knees are used without getting into the clinch

Straight knees

The straight knees are the classics of Muay Thai knees. This knee is delivered in mid-range to close-range at the opponent’s abdominal or middle of the chest (sternum).

This knee is as its name suggests, it’s a knee technique that is thrown straight to the middle part of the body. (mainly try to throw to the head of an opponent by bringing down his head with hands)

This is also the first knee technique taught to beginners.

Flying/Jumping Knee

This is the most famous and exciting technique to watch as a Muay Thai fan. This move targets the head of an opponent for maximum damage (knockout).

Mostly this move is used as the finishing move in sports like MMA, Kickboxing, and obviously Muay Thai.

The force is generated and delivered to the jumping knees to the head is absolutely brutal. This strike is very aggressive and devastating to watch.

Knee To The Thighs

This knee to the thighs is very common for Muay Khao fighters in a clinch. This is the favorite move by clinch fighters.

These knees are thrown at the opponent’s thighs to weaken their legs while in a clinch. This technique is used by Muay Khao fighters to do overall damage to their body.

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Great Muay Khao Fighters

muay thai clinch

In history, there are many Muay Khao champions in the world of Muay Thai, some of these fighters are the most decorated Muay Thai champions ever.

So, here are some of the best Muay Khao fighters:-

Chamuakpetch Harpalung

Chamuakpetch Harpalung is one of the most decorated fighters in Muay Thai history, and because of his knee attacking skills, he has earned the nickname of “Knee Computer”.

In the highest level of sports, he has competed for around two decades. He has also become the 1985 fighter of the year.

And, there are many belts and recognizations around his waist.

Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn

Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn is one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters in Muay Thai history.

With his widely scared long-range knee strikes, he has won a nickname of “Sky-piercing knees”.

His 6-foot 2inch height gives him the ability to destroy his opponents by using his height and reach advantage.

He is also blessed for his specialization in space and distance control. And, he has retained his Lumpinee championship for four competing years.

Lamnammoon Sor Sumalee

A name is known in the most respected golden era legends. He is one of the most decorated and well-respected fighters to this day also.

He has earned the nickname of “Mr. Vampire Knees” by the Muay Thai media because of his razor-sharp knees.

There are also many Muay Khao fighters you can think of, in Thailand Muay Khao is a very popular fighting style because of its aggressive, furious, and techniques.

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