Muay Lao vs Muay Thai – The Great Fight Of Bloods

Muay Lao is a traditional unarmed combat sport from Laos (a country in Southeast Asia).

Thai-style kickboxing is one of the most extreme forms of unarmed combat sport.

This martial art form is pretty much the same as the other martial art forms like Musti-Yuddha from India, Muay Thai in Thailand, Pradal Serey in Cambodia, Lethwei in Myanmar.

The Difference between muay Lao vs muay Thai


The muay thai is also called 8 limbs because it uses 8 points of body parts to attack and defense.

But Muay Lao also known as the Lao kickboxing mostly is a kickboxing sport in Lao, they’re the main weapon is powerful kicks.

Prize Money:-

In Thailand’s big promotional fight, good muay thai fighters earn over $1,000 as prize money.

In Lao, the Muay Lao is very popular among the local peoples.

But the Lao boxing fighters didn’t make that much money as the muay thai fighters make/

The Lao Kickboxer makes around $90- $100 per fight.

The prize money is not enough for the Lao fighters to live on…also in Lao.

Body Movement:-

In Muay Thai they keep their stance very stiff while competing, but in Muay Lao they do the full-body movement.

In Muay Lao they use mostly kicks and generating powerful kicks they have to rotate their hips in the right direction.

By keeping a full-body movement they generate powerful strikes and also have a good defense.

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Age Differences muay Lao vs muay Thai:-

The age differences in both of the combat sports are very much.

Both Muay Lao and Muay Thai fighters start their career at a very young age from 5 to 6 years old.

In Muay Thai fighters often retire later than the Muay Lao fighters.

Because in muay Lao fights they get more damage than muay Thai, from a broken jaw, cracked ribs, broken/damaged/cracked shin, internal bleeding, and periods of unconsciousness.

The Lao kickboxer often retires between the age of 20-30.


I have mentioned all the points I was able to find, above you can read thoroughly about the points.

I’ve tried to make it as brief as possible. the Muay Lao is not as popular as muay Thai across the world, so it was tough to gather knowledge about this sport.

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