Does Muay Thai Sparring really Cause Serious Brain Damage?

Muay Thai is also known as Thai Boxing is an 8 point combat sport developed in Thailand.

This combat style was developed in the 16th century for the soldiers of King Naresuan who fought for the king.

so, basically, Muay Thai was developed o kill people with brutal and aggressive techniques.

In the back old day’s Muay Thai was called Muay Boran But around the 1930s Muay Thai and Muay Boran split.

And this was born as the modern form of combat sport known as Muay Thai. This was developed to make this combat sport a little bit safer as compare to the Muay Boran form.

To know more about the difference between Muay Thai and Muay Boran click this link.

Several sports aside from martial arts like soccer, rugby, cricket, ice hockey have the potential to cause brain damage.

But in Combat sports, the risk is more because of the direct contact. And the headshots are the easiest option to win a combat match, especially combat sports like muay Thai.

In Muay Thai they have some of the most brutal knockouts in history, because of their use of full-body as a weapon, the dangerous elbow shot knockouts are the most devastating.

And the Muay Thai elbow shots are the most popular way of having brain damage.

Which One Cause More Brain Damage Muay Thai or Boxing or MMA?

Every sport which has direct contact is dangerous for the brain.

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But, with martial art sports, the risk of brain damage is worst.

In Muay Thai their knockout s with elbows, punches, kicks, sometimes during a clinch, using high knees are very dangerous for Brain.

But, apart from Muay Thai fights, during sparring they don’t hit most of the time on their head.

While sparring they focus on the opponent’s body, not their head.

They just mostly use low kicks, sweeps, knees to the body and clinch, to better their techniques.

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But in Boxing sparrings, it’s only about landing a big knockout punch to the opponent’s face or temple area and put your opponent to sleep.

And which shows the power of a boxer.

And with MMA this goes the same, and with different variations, it’s become more dangerous.

MMA fighters use different techniques to attack the head area to put their opponents to sleep.

MMA fighters use punches, elbows, knees, devastating takedowns, throws, and different chocks.

In the ground sparring, they use punches, elbows, and knees directly to the head, and which makes it very dangerous.

So, from Muay Thai sparring, Boxing and MMA sparring does more damage to the brain, because of their direct target to the head area of an opponent.

How To Prevent Brain Damage During Sparring?

Sparring is a very important part of training for Muay Thai (that also goes for every martial art).

Normal sparring is okay about once or twice a week. But if a fighter is sparring too much in a row, the fighter will sure to have brain damage in their 60s or 70s.

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A fighter should take at least 5 days to 7 days of rest after having an intense Muay Thai sparring.

And mostly it is also important to choose the right partner for sparring.

Choose a partner whom you can trust and know he/she will not get aggressive after getting some hits, this is the most famous way of getting brain damage.

Most time sparring partners get too aggressive after getting a hit, and on reaction deploy some devastating shots to the head.

In Thailand, you will see fighters who have fought over 300 fights but will be as calm during sparring as an ordinary guy eating pizza.

Damages A Brain Can Have After Intense Sparring?

After consistent sparring, a fighter can have a lot going on in their mind.

After getting a hard punch to the head can immediately cause Traumatic brain injury(TBI), the effects can be last mostly short-term but after getting many hits, this can last for the long term.

And also this can lead to Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury (CTBI) which can be very dangerous for fighter careers.

Also if sparring gets too hard, a fighter can cause very serious brain damages like penetration to the skull and brain or Brain hemorrhage.

So, my last words would be to choose a safe partner for sparring and spar safe and for only once or twice a week.

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