Best Muay Thai Fighting Stance For Effective strikes And Defense

In every martial art technique, the main thing that helps a fighter to win is the stance and how well he managed the stance with his moves.

The fighting stance is the most effective fundamental position every martial artist will learn.

Especially in Muay Thai fighting stance, a fighter strike should complement the fighting stance to support a fighter’s base.

Without knowing the right fighting stance for any particular martial art a fighter is in great danger.

The fighting stance help fighters strike with their maximum potential and help defend themselves from the opponent’s strikes.

A proper stance allows you to move effortlessly and using different footwork to throw powerful strikes.

So, in this article, we will see the best fighting stance…

The Best Muay Thai Fighting Stance

The Best Muay Thai fighting stance should provide some of the best features like

  • Freedom of movement
  • Full body defense
  • Powerful fast strikes
  • Doing effective footwork

In Muay Thai there are mainly two types of fighting stance traditional or basic stance and modernize stance.

I’ve discussed both of them in this article you can check out 5 ways for a great Muay Thai stance: breakdown.

But today I’m gonna give you the best stance to use in your fights for more out of your stance.

So, let’s get into that…

1. Foot Position

The most important factor in balancing your body depends upon the feet position.

The feet should be placed on the same width of your shoulder for better and faster movement. It also allows you to maintain a solid base to strike and defense more effectively.

And your weight should be distributed fifty-fifty on both feet.

Never place your feet flat on the ground, by doing this you won’t have proper balance, with your opponent’s one kick you’ll be on the ground.

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Keep yourself light on the feet for better and faster movement, it will also help you to add speed and power to your attacks and have a good defense just by having your back of your heel off the ground.

It allows your feet to be very alert on quickly moving.

2. Hip Position and Abdominal Tension

While in a fight always maintain a slight tension on your abdominal area for better absorbing the power strikes on your middle area.

It increases your ability to defend against strikes upon your body. It also helps your balance by keeping your spine in an optimal position.

The abdominal tension is like your body armor, it allows you to take massive strikes without much damage. Because I don’t think you wanna take a strike in a relaxed stomach, it contains the power to take away someone’s life.

Always keep a slight tension on the abdominal area for proper breathing and moving freely.

And your hip position should be aligned with your feet stance. Use all the flexibility and the tension on your hips to throw some power strikes by rotating your hips each time you throw a kick.

muay thai stance

3. Arm and Elbow Position

The placement of your fists, elbows, and forearms is very important in Muay Thai fights. It helps you to add more offensive and defensive capabilities.

The right elbow and forearms should protect your liver, ribs, and solar plexus areas in your stance.

But remember your elbow should not tuck with your ribs, you have to place your elbow on a 1 to 2-inch gap to block the kicks by smashing their legs with your elbow.

But don’t open up your elbow from the ribcage too much, it will open up a golden opportunity for your opponent.

And place your fist on the level of your jaw or the cheekbone to protect from shots to the face.

The hand and elbows should always tuck high for easy effective punches and the sharp elbows are for defending from opponent’s strikes.

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The arms and elbow should be on a triangle shape by pointing your elbows outside.

It will help you to defend yourself from head kicks and upper body shots. And by doing it you can also throw quick and easy elbow strikes.

4. Head/Chin position

The head and chin position is also a very important position in your fighting stance.

A bad position can lead you to knockouts or broken nose, jaw, or punctured eyes.

If you don’t want to get knockout in a fight, then fully tuck your chin with the collarbone.

By doing this you’ve to guard the soft eye tissues, your nose, your jaw area, and your chin that can lead you to a knockout.

5. Movement

You need a perfect fighting stance but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus on your movement.

Like, if you just stay still with your perfect fighting stance, your opponent will move around and find a weak point to break your stance and knock you out.

So, like a perfect stance…your body movements also define your skills in Muay Thai.

In Muay Thai fights fighter’s bodies should be relatively square towards their opponent for better strike and defense.

Know to make your Muay Thai Stance better you can read this article here:- 5 ways for a great Muay Thai stance: breakdown

Final Thoughts

Apart from the traditional stance, everyone has their own mixer of the stance that developed from experience.

It doesn’t mean that the way I show you, you have to use the exact stance.

I just told you the fundamentals and you can tweak a little bit to get some inspiration from your favorite fighters and make your own mix of fighting stances that compliments your techniques and strikes.

Just whatever your stance is make sure to include the tips I showed you.

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