Do Muay Thai Is Safe For Kids

Nowadays martial arts are increasingly getting in trend all around the globe, for a lot of reasons. More and more peoples are now learning different types of martial arts.

And as with the other martial arts, the muay thai also growing very popular because of its uniqueness.

Muay thai has become a very popular option for all martial art lovers in the whole world.

Back in the 80s till the 90s taekwondo and karate were the most popular and most priority martial art forms for all peoples.

And muay thai is not just an adult-based martial art form, nowadays many kids are learning muay thai, they are getting more attracted towards this sport.

With the help of martial art events like UFC, ONE Championship, and many more the Martial arts gaining popularity all over the world.

The popularity of these sports begins when people get educated about this type of combat sport like Muay Thai and Brazilian Ji-Jitsu that works in a real life.

But the question is, do muay thai is safe for kids?

Muay thai is recognized as the toughest martial art form in the world.

But as the other martial arts classes focused on kids, muay thai has also developed its classes very kids-friendly.

Muay thai teaches the best ways of self-defense and how to stop a fight in some intense moves.

And also Muay Thai has a lot of impact on your social life like it will teach you the value and morals of punctuality, discipline, respect, it will give you more focus, confidence, patience.

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Muay Thai In Thailand

In Thailand children learn Muay Thai to get out of poverty, they start their fighting career at the age of 5 to 6 years old to make some money.

They start fighting in the ring at a very early age of their training and make about 20-60 baht for a fight.

As they grew up and gain experience they started to make real money, they make about15,000 to 25,000 baht per fight.

For outside of Thailand kids, muay thai is more of an exercise and self-defense technique rather than a career.

This is a great way to break an unhealthy lifestyle to doing some productive thing in life.

After doing 3 to 4 sessions a week kids mostly fall in love with muay thai training.


As long as the kids train muay thai regularly they get stronger and better at the sport.

And also develop very strong confidence towards their competitor.

The same confidence they show in all types of obstacles in their life.

And they know the value of patience, they know they can achieve everything until they put on the work and stay consistent.

Safety For Kids

There is a lot of safety rule added at the junior championships, to make sure no serious injury ever occurs.

There are no headshots allowed in junior competitions, and the young fighters have to wear head guards and vests to protect sensitive parts of their bodies.

This type of guard is necessary for any junior competition.

Every year the junior muay thai fighters are growing at a tremendous rate.

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Yokkao kids and WTKA championships are giving these junior fighters a platform to show their skills under all guidelines and safety rules.

Focus for Kids

Nowadays kids are getting through a major problem called screen addiction.

And this cause lack of focus, focus on studies and playing habits.

But while training muay thai increases the focus levels of a kid.

Especially doing the pad work needed a lot of focus, and training that automatically increases focus.

Muay Thai is a very healthy sport for all from the young to the old’s.

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