Do Muay Thai Is Really Effective In A Street Fight

Muay Thai is also known as Thai boxing is an ancient martial art technique from Thailand, and it is developed for a street fight.

And you’ll be surprised that almost every mixed martial art(MMA) fighter uses this martial art form in their fights.

So, is Muay Thai really effective in a street fight?

yes, it’s very effective in a street fight, because of the various type of body weapons a Thai fighter can use during close combat. While in a close combat fight a muay thai fighter can use knee, elbows, roundhouse kicks to destroy their opponents.

A lot of MMA fighters use some techniques borrowed from muay thai in the MMA ring.

Cause they know the brutal power force of muay thai techniques.

Some well-known MMA fighters who use muay thai in their fights are Duane Ludwig, Donald Cowboy Cerone, Wanderlei Silva, Anderson Silva, and Jon Jones.

They all used the muay thai technique against their furious opponents in the UFC ring.

What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is also known as Thai boxing is a martial art form from Thailand, and also this is a national sport of Thailand.

This is an ancient martial art form and very useful in close combat fights, it uses the whole body to attack (especially 8 points) and counter-attack.

Do Muay Thai is really effective in a street fight?

Pros: Muay Thai is very much effective in street fights, because of its deadly and brutal techniques. Their one or two elbow shots on the opponent’s head can knock them out.

The main reason that Thai boxing works in the street fight is because of the brutal and aggressive moves they use to fight any opponent.

And mostly their main target is the opponent’s head for an instant knockout.

They don’t have a technique where they can slow or stop any fight like BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), they just know one way to stop a fight and this is by knockout.

They just know how to hurt their opponent by attack and counterattack.

Cons: unlike everything that has two sides, muay thai also has some problems.

Muay thai fighters are not trained for ground fighting, So they are vulnerable to ground attack.

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If a muay thai fighter got into a fight with a jiu-jitsu fighter in street, then the only way to a muay thai fighter can win the fight is by knocking him out before he put you on the ground.

And if he puts you on the ground then the jiu-jitsu fighter will win, because that’s his zone, grappling. He will make you tap out (or in a street fight put you on asleep).

To increase your chance of winning a street fight you should consider focusing on your kicks, punch, elbow, knee, and also your ground fighting.

Best Muay Thai Techniques to use in a street fight?

Muay Thai uses various types of striking using 8 contact points, for more brutal and aggressive strikes.

In Boxing it went against punches, in Kickboxing it’s gonna be kicks.

But in muay thai they will use elbow, fists, knee, shin, feet with a mix of brutality and aggressiveness.

The only two weaknesses in muay thai are no ground fighting and no weapon technique.

Here are some very effective techniques to defend yourself as a muay thai fighter.

Low Kicks

In muay thai the low kicks are equal to the boxing jab. Even though in a street fight against a noob, several low kicks can stop a fight immediately.

In a street fight or a professional fight, some low kicks are enough to fend off the opponent and open their guards,

and after opening the guard no one can save him to get knock out.

The rear low leg kicks are far difficult to survive cause the strikes land straight to the thigh, and the constant low kicks make the leg of no use.

You can also use the teap kick to keep your distance from your opponent, and you can also stop them from their planned moves.

Roundhouse kick

Most fighters describe the roundhouse kicks as the most destructed and damaging strikes.

This kick is targeted in the midsection, the leg, and mostly the head of an opponent.

But this works only when you mix up low kicks, some punches, and then the roundhouse kick for creating more chances for you to win in a street fight.

Striking using the clinch

A pro muay thai fighter always masters the art of clinching in their fight for a better chance to succeed.

The pros rely on clinch while dealing with an attack.

The clinch involves grappling the opponent’s head and hands and also saves from the knee and kicks.

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It helps the fighter to get into a dominant position.

Here in this position a fighter can easily leverage his arms and end a street fight, by delivering some deadly elbows, straight knee, side knees.

Horizontal Elbow

One of the most brutal and effective deadly moves in muay thai the horizontal elbow.

This move takes perfect timing and also a good body balance, to throw the perfect elbow.

The ultimate target of the elbow is the opponent’s temple or chin, if any of these parts connect then no one can stand straight, this will be a clear knockout.

This technique is mostly easy to learn but difficult to apply, especially if your opponent is good at defense and guarding.

Switching Kicks

This is one of the beautiful techniques if you can execute well enough.

This takes both power, speed, and good execution to connect effectively.

This is a good option in a street fight cause you have to use this technique in a close range.

You can use switch kicks with a roundhouse for an instant knockout in a street fight.

Is Muay Thai the best striking martial art In Street Fights?

Muay Thai is one of the most effective and best martial art in the world.

It has been tested in real-life street fights multiple times, and it always wins, cause this is fast, powerful, and very efficient.

The knee and elbow alone are very powerful. And using all those techniques with mixing up the muay thai becomes an incredible martial art form.

And with muay thai moves you don’t have to be a pro fighter, if you just know how to kick and place the elbow, there will be a big majority of number that you’ll win.

Final Words

Muay Thai is a great martial art form that you can use in real-life situations, but the only problem with muay thai is that they don’t teach ground fighting.

So it can be a big disadvantage.

Also, you can do jiu-Jitsu with muay thai for learning both standing and ground games.

But I would personally suggest you learn MMA.(including muay thai and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu)

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Thanks for reading my article, wish a happiness and love.

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