8 Muay Thai Exercises You Can Do At Your Home

Sometimes training Muay Thai from home becomes the only way to learn Muay Thai.

Because of many reasons, many people are not able to go to the gym, or if they can go but, the gym condition is not favorable to learn proper Muay Thai.

Maybe some people are living outside of metropolitan cities, or at a very far distance from the Muay Thai Gym.

With all the situations you have one option, which is to train at your home.

With work or studies or family it can be sometimes very hard to go to the gym and train.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t train at home on your own.

And also, training on your own will need a lot of motivation and discipline. But when you start doing a habit of training little by little, you’ll set a habit, which will become your daily routine.

So, in this article, you’ll see some of the most important exercises you can do at home.

Muay Thai Training You can do At your Home

1. Skipping Rope

Skipping rope is the basic and very important part of training Muay Thai.

Skipping ropes helps you warm up your body before any intense workout, it helps out pumping the blood flow.

By regularly skipping ropes, you’ll have strengthened feet and ankles, which will be very beneficial for recovery from injuries during kicking.

Skipping ropes is also very popular among professional Muay Thai fighters.

Because with the strengthening of legs, also helps you focus.

Because while doing the skipping you have to focus on the movement of the feet, while the hands control the movement of the rope.

Which allows your mind to focus on multiple tasks at a time. It also helps the brain’s nerve functions to work properly.

2. Running

Just run!

If you run daily at a selective round you’ll automatically up your game.

The main problem with running is it’s not an exciting and interesting exercise to do, it’s just straight-up and boring.

This is the reason many fighters or practitioners can’t convince themselves to run.

But, if you have a very beautiful neighborhood, it can motivate you to go to nature, and run while you enjoy the silence.

but if you don’t have a beautiful neighborhood, you have to convenience yourself to run little by little, soon after you’ll get interested to have faster timing and long distances.

Running has many impacts on both you’re physical and mental health. It improves your muscular and mental durability and builds cardiovascular.

In Thailand’s every gym, running is included in their daily training. So, if you wanna fight like Thai’s then train like Thai’s.

3. Shadow Boxing

After skipping and running, it’s great to go shadow boxing.

Shadow boxing is a great training you can do at your home to increase your game in Muay Thai.

Shadow boxing is basically you’re fighting an imaginary opponent with your best.

It’s a great way to warm up while working 80% on your speed, footwork, your combos, defenses, with proper head and body movement, and always try to return to a good and powerful stance after throwing kicks.

Shadow boxing is all about quality over quantity because it’s a way to build good muscle memory.

If you shadow box carelessly, you’ll fight carelessly too.

You should train in sets for better results. For instance, you should try to make 3 sets of 3 minutes.

Set # 1:-

where you can start by, getting into a perfect fighting stance, then control your body and head movement.

And, try to throw some jabs and cross while working on your footwork.

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Try to minimize the speed of strikes in split seconds while doing some good & fast movements and footwork.

And remember the quote:-

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

-Mohammed Ali

Set # 2:-

Then, in the second set try to focus on kicks while the footwork continues.

Start from the low-level kicks, and all the strikes should be sharp and fast, and always remember to get back to your stance after throwing strikes.

Set # 3:-

In this set try to mix up all your skills and put it all together.

In this round, you try to work on all from your defense to footwork, punches, elbows, kicks, and knees.

Either way, with experience you’ll be able to do creative sets with your moves, and increase the set time if you can.

4. Blocking And Kicking Combos


This is another very important Muay Thai training you can do at your home.

To block left or right kick there is an important exercise you should look at.

While doing the shadow boxing you’ve to stand on one foot on the teep of your foot, with another foot up to block.

Maybe you’ve seen this move in some professional Muay Thai fights because it’s a great way to block kicks. They can block kicks while standing on one foot.

By doing this exercise properly you’ll be able to block kicks.

And, you’ll also need to learn kicking combos, because as you’re training to block kicks, others are doing the same.

So, to up your game you’ve to be a good striker along with a defender.

To do this the best way is to, throw a kick and then hold it while imagining your opponent catching it, and quickly throw alternating between left and right kicks.

It’ll help you to build good muscle memory.

Sometimes you should also practice holding your kick in the catching position for as long as you can, because sometimes in fights it happens when an opponent doesn’t let the leg flow through.

So, you have to practice some kicking combos like left push kick with right round kick, right push kick while closing the gap throws a left elbow, you can also try to throw a left low kick and right high or mid kick.

5. Strength Training

Strength training is a very important part of Muay Thai training, and every training session ends with a weighted or body-weight training.

As a Muay Thai fighter strength training can be a great option to train at home.

As a Muay Thai fighter delivering brutal, devastating strikes and also taking powerful strikes without any hassle is very important.

Focusing on strength training improves the strength to the striking power, muscular endurance both of which are very important.

So, to do that you have two options weight-lifting or bodyweight training.

Both of these are very useful if you know the drill.

If you own a set of dumbells then you probably know how that works, and if you don’t have dumbells it’s okay, ’cause you’ve your own body weight.

Bodyweight training will be a little bit harder than weighted training because you’ve to use your own weight as equipment.

But with proper training, you’ll get used to it.

The best bodyweight training for Muay Thai is different variations of Push-ups, Chin-Ups/Pull-Ups, planks, leg lifts, crunches, squats, mountain climbers, Burpees, Pistol Squats, jump squats.

And, if you have some equipment which you can use, then you can try Dips, Muscle-Ups, L-sits and many more.

For pull-ups, you can set a pull-up bar on the doorway, because pull-up has a lot of benefits in Muay Thai. It stongs your grip, muscle, your core, and it also helps to build your back muscles strong.

For now, you can learn some strength training from the Muay Thai Guy here:-

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6. Yoga & Stretching

Not everyone is blessed with natural flexibility and agility. Like me, I’m also not very flexible, and it allows me not to throw perfect high kicks, moving quickly.

Because of my daily work, it has made me kind of stiff, which is very dangerous in sports like Muay Thai because it increases the chances of injuries.

If you’re also like me, this is where yoga and stretching come to help.

Nowadays every gym is modernizing their training and including yoga not only for flexibility but also because it helps to build better core and strength.

The thing is many people relate yoga to a feminine exercise, but it has a lot for everyone, especially for fighters.

Stretching before any intense session is as important as the intense session, it allows your body to move properly, and also it loses your body muscles, so you can use them properly.

You can check out some yoga training which you can add to your daily Muay Thai home training routine here.

7. Alternating Knees

In Muay Thai knees are very important as the punches and kicks.

Every Muay Thai fight you’ll see some very high knee kicks to the opponent’s chin or head area.

And it’s not that easy, to reach that high-level knee kick, it allows a lot of to do this.

To practice these high knees, you have to throw the right and left knee while doing shadow boxing for 3 minutes set.

For the first 30 seconds or so, try to focus on your overall technique while throwing the knees, and also focus on the balance while landing, it should be strong and centered with your toes down.

Then in the next 30 seconds try to double up your knees with more focus on speed.

In both sets try to make the knees high and perfectly targeted, do it for 2 sets of 3 minutes, and if you don’t get the kick, you can do it for 5 minutes each.

8. Sit-Ups

The Thai fighters are mostly known for two things, which are their powerful conditioning, and their awesome six-pack ads.

And, they train very hard to get their body shape.

They do hundreds of sit-ups on a daily basis, to achieve this kind of amazing six-pack abs.

But, if you wanna get an athletic Thai fighter’s body, then you also need to add situps to your daily routine.

But, for Thai fighters it’s more than just aesthetic training, it’s a way of burn the abdominal fat, which is very hard to reduce.

Apart from these, sit-ups have a lot of benefits like it helps to prevent spine injury and reduce back pain. Also, it helps the body posture while walking or sitting, it allows moving your body efficiently during fights.

But firstly, you don’t have to start with 100 situps a day, start slowly and gradually and quickly move to the top.

Just firstly try to do 50 sit-ups, if you want to take breaks, surely take.

After that try to gradually increase the number day by day until you reach 500 sit-ups a day.


Like I said before if you don’t have the opportunity to go to the gym, it doesn’t matter you can’t train.

Just start off by slowly and gradually, and quickly move your training to a maximum level as long as your experience grows.

You can allow trying to join some online courses for better training videos.

You can check out Bang Muay Thai, which can help you become a good fighter.

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