Muay Thai vs Jeet Kune do: Which Is Better?

Muay Thai vs Jeet Kune do both are great martial art skills to learn for self-defense.

Both sports use kicks which make it more excited to learn and watch.

So, today we’re gonna compare and explore both martial arts in detail to see their ultimate potential.

Muay Thai also known as Thai boxing is known for its hard knocked aggressive and brutal strikes and Jeet Kune do know as the simplest style it wastes no time in a battle, it focuses on ultimate efficiency, directness, and simplicity to end a battle as quickly as possible.

So, now read all the way to the end to know all the brief details about both of the martial arts.

History & Origins of Muay Thai vs Jeet Kune do

First of all, we will look into the history and origins of both combat sports.

Jeet Kune do

Jeet Kune do translate as “Way of the Intercepting Fist” is created by one of the well-known great martial artists Bruce Lee.

In the year of 1967, Bruce Lee gives a name on his expression martial art that is now called Jeet Kune do.

The Jeet Kune do follows three main fundamentals simplicity, directness, and freedom (the form of no form).

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is originated in Thailand, and it’s the national sport of Thailand.

This is the modern form of Muay Boranan ancient combat sport created to fight in the war.

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It uses 8 points of the body to attack its opponents, that’s why it’s also known as “The Art Of Eight Limbs”.

The 8 points are two fists, two elbows, two knees, two legs.

Unlike in other combat sports they only use 4 body points to connect.


The Difference Between Muay Thai vs Jeet Kune do (JKD)?

Both martial art forms have their different types of techniques, different types of fighting stances, different dressing, different styles, different rules.

So let’s begin the breakdown of Muay Thai and Jeet Kune do.

Muay Thai

There are mostly 5 major Kicking techniques used in Muay Thai.

Like Roundhouse kick(high, middle, and low kick, sometimes switch kicks), Jumping Kick, Teep Kick, Diagonal Kick, Straight Foot Jab.

And also some very effective and simple kicks like low kick and switch kicks, which are very commonly used to set up major striking.

In Muay Thai clinch is also a very important technique.

It allows a competitor to control their opponent and land some devastating elbow and knee strikes.

That’s why the Clinching game is one of the most important techniques used in Muay Thai.

And it is also very helpful in a real-life situation to control an aggressive opponent or neutralize them.

But without proper training, this can also backfire on a competitor.

Jeet Kune do

In Jeet Kune do the idea of intercepting is the key point of JKD, the main focus of the intercepting can be towards intercepting the opponent’s all techniques or can be his mental intent.

It can be to see the mental toughness of your opponent.

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Jeet Kune do techniques and philosophies are great in terms of being applied in real-life combat situations.

The Jeet Kune do techniques and philosophies are something that has to be practiced at a regular pace at the most cultivated state.

If someone learns all the principles and trains seriously, in any problem in their life, they can have all the required things needed without any thought.

The JKD stance is like a side southpaw horse stance. They throw jabs with right hands along with a lot of side kicks.

They also throw oblique leg kicks to block some potential kicks.

Bruce Lee developed Jeet Kune do with inspiration from many different martial art forms like slipping and rolling from western boxing and the elbow blocks from eastern martial art from Kung Fu.

Research your own experience. Absorb what is useful. Reject what is useless. Add what is essentially your own. “

– Bruce Lee

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