Paed Tidt (The Eight Direction) Sak Yant Tattoo Meanings

Thailand is a very traditional and spiritual believed country. This is also the motherland of Muay Thai.

Maybe you’ve seen Muay Thai fighters having some very cool tattoos, and you’d wanted to know about that.

So, the tattoos are called Sak Yant tattoos, which are Thailand’s traditional tattoos made by monks using a needle of steel while chanting prayers and giving blessings.

They believe the tattoos provide them different blessings for different aspects of their life.

These tattoos are very sacred, and they have certain rules which the bearer of the tattoo should follow.

Paed Tidt (The Eight Direction) Meanings


Paed Tidt is a very popular Sak yant among both locals and foreigners.

This is one of the three most popular and suggested Sak Yant in Thailand.

This Sak Yant is based on the eight directions/paths like Buddhism.

The eight directions of this sacred geometric yant contain eight mantras written between the two circles of the design.

This yant is mostly popular for its universal blessings/powers like Hah Taew and Gao Yord, but with a different unique & attractive design.

This Sak yant will protect against many different things like illness/dangers, negative energy’s & serious injuries came from 8 different directions.

The Paed Tidt is also very popular among travelers because of its protection against any type of harm while traveling in all directions.

The Rules For Paed Tidt Sak Yant Tattoo

If you get the Sak Yant there are certain rules to follow if you want the magic to work on you.

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The rules defer from monk to monk, but there are some general rules for this Sak yant which you can find here:- The Sak Yant Rules.

You have to always try to not break any rules, if you do the power of this tattoo will vanish.

But don’t worry we humans are made to do mistakes, So realize your mistakes and again try to follow the rules, the power may return and bless you like before.

So, now if you want to know more about all the Sak Yant Tattoo designs and meanings, you can check out here.

Also, you can check out Hah Taew (5 lines)Sak Yant Tattoo Meanings here.

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