Sak Yant: Muay Thai Tattoo And Their Ultimate Meanings?

In Thailand the Sak yant tattoos are mostly seen on Muay Thai fighter’s bodies, that’s why the Thai tattoo has another name Muay Thai tattoos.

This Thai style tattoos are known as Sak Yant(สักยันต์), where “Sak” meaning “to tap” or, “to tattoo”, and “Yant” means “Yantra” (यन्त्र). Originally comes from the Sanskrit word “YANTRA”, which is a mystical diagram that is used to protect from the bad and negative energies.

The Sak yant tattoo is a traditional tattoo made by a monk while chanting prayers using a Needle of steal and ends with a magical blessing.

What Are Sak Yant Tattoos Used For?

Thailand is a country where 98% of people are Buddhists and they all believe in magic and supernatural things. Sak Yant’s are known as the strongest form of protection against the dark and evil forces.

That’s used as a personal talisman for different aspects of life from personality development, faith, winning, the achievement of goals, relationships, etc.

It is also used for protection against danger, illness, bad spirits, bad luck, and many more.

Types of Sak Yants and Their Meaning

If you are wanting to get a Sak Yant Tattoo, then it would help you to know what your awesome spiritual tattoo means.

Cause there are many differences between designs between monks and masters who administer them.

Sak Yant’s can be usually tattooed at any place of your body, but are commonly used on arms and torso areas.

Here we all discuss some of the most common and well-known Sak Yant designs and their meanings.

Hah Taew ห้าแถว (5 Lines)


The “Hah Taew” is one of the three most popular designs for foreign tourists in Thailand. Especially for foreigners and Sak Yant newbies, these three are suggested by monks.

This design is written on Khom, and all the lines have their different meaning, like:-

  • The first row is a blessing to prevent unwanted spirits and protects you and the place you live.
  • The second row is a blessing to reverse and protect from bad fortune.
  • The third row protects you when anyone tries to curse you, and try black magic on you.
  • The fourth row attracts your good luck, success, and fortune to your life to complete your ambitions.
  • The fifth row is used to boost your attraction and charisma to your opposite sex and it also helps to boost the fourth line.
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Gao Yord เก้ายอด (9 Peaks of Buddha)


The 9 peaks of Buddha Gao Yord represent the mythical mountain, Mount Meru. Mount Meru is known as Sumeru in Buddhist Mythology, And it’s considered as the mountain of Gods.

In another word Gao Yord is “Hah Taew” plus with more advanced blessings and protection against evil spirits, black magic, increase popularity, and many more.

This is one of the three most commonly used Sak Yant tattoos.

Paed Tidt แปดทิศ (8 Directions)


Paed Tidt is based on the eight paths of Buddhism. And this is one of the three most popular designs.

Eight Direction Yant is sacred geometric Yants contains eight mantras are written on the center of the design, on the two circles.

The Paed Tidt will protect against illness/danger, dangers, and negative energies, serious injuries from 8 different directions.

This Sak yant will protect the wearer against harm while traveling in all directions.

Seuu Khood เสือคู่ (Twin Tigers)


The twin tiger tattoo is very popular among Muay Thai fighters and Thai people with dangerous occupations. It represents power, strength, protection, and authority.

This tattoo is the symbol that nothing can get in the way of a tiger due to its fearlessness and strength.

This twin tiger also helps entrepreneurs dealing big projects and brings strength, authority, and mental resolve to get success in their business.

it’s also very famous among businessmen, politicians, military personnel, and police. The twin tiger is the best for anyone wanting more power in their life.

The twin tiger also offers protection against serious injuries, that’s why in Muay Thai this is one of the most popular tattoos.

The Suea Hiaw Lang


The “Suea Hiaw Lang” or “Tiger Looking Your Back” means protection from behind.

The stealth, speed, and a strengthful animal tiger is looking at your back.

This Yant is especially for persons with high respect, authority, and also kindness.

This Yant is helpful for businessmen, politicians, managers, etc. and the wearer must positively use their authority.

Phra Pikanesa (Ganesh สัก พระพิฆเนศ)

Phra Pikanesa ganesh sak yant tattoo

In Hinduism, Ganesh is a very powerful god, who removes all the obstacles.

And in Sak Yant, this is a very popular design, because of its incredible blessings.

He is the god of success and wealth, and beginnings that’s why in India all businesses have his statue.

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This tattoo is very popular among entertainment industries also, due to his blessing towards success.

Hanuman หนุมาน


This is one of the most popular tattoos among the Muay Thai fighters, the hanuman.

The mythical divine monkey god in Hinduism is from the time of Rama and is also a central character of Hindu Ramayana.

He is the god of strength, power, speed that is far greater than humans, with the ability to fly.

There are various Hanuman Sak yant designs.

They provide different powerful blessings like protection against danger, winning against an opponent, power, becoming fearless, and desire to succeed.

Phra Rahu พระราหู


Phra Rahu is a demon from Hindu and Buddhist realign, he thinks to be eating an orb, that he holds in his mouth, and the orb is supposed to be the sun.

In Sak Yant, Rahu represents eating the bad energies which make this Sak yant protective against bad and negative energies and bring positive energy.

Kerake จระเข้ (The Crocodile)


The “Kerake” or “Crocodile” represents his power and strength, with his thick and strong skin.

The crocodile is the oldest species on the planet and it shows the toughness of this creature.

This Sak yant is famous among the people who are involved in dangerous and risky works like Police, Army, and fireman.

And this Sak yant comes with the blessing of protection from these dangers.

Other Sak Yant Designs:

There are a lot of different types and variants of Sak yant tattoos are available. But the above-mentioned are the most popular, used, and best tattoos to get for the first time.

If you’re interested to know about the other Sak Yant designs, then do follow this link to find out more designs:-


Nowadays people are traveling a lot to Thailand, and the Sak Yant tattoos are becoming fashionable.

Some people just get this Sak yant as thinking of nothing, just art of ink.

And many of them, get a Thai tattoo from tattoo shops, cause most of them don’t know about the Sak Yant rituals.

Most people don’t understand the meaning and the value of a Sak Yant tattoo, but if you are here then I guess you’ve got the knowledge about the Sak Yant tattoo meanings.

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