Thailand’s Top 10 Greatest Muay Thai Fighters

Firstly this list is not accurate about the best muay Thai Thailand fighters list. Muay Thai the national sport of Thailand, as known as the “art of eight limbs” is a very famous combat sport.

And the name “art of eight limbus” describes that in muay thai it uses 8 points of weapon like a fist, elbow, knee, and so on.

This is list is about the Thailand muay thai fighters who are given shape to this sport in several ways for decades.

And, also these are the fighters I follow while started learning muay thai.

They are one of the most inspiring fighters, with some incredible fighting skills.

And you can learn a lot from watching their fighting videos.

Top Muay Thai Fighters

This list is in no particular way, These are my pick for the best muay thai fighters from Thailand you should follow.

Yodsanklai Fairtex

Yodsanklai Fairtex
Source: Facebook

The contender Asia winner Yodsanklai Fairtex. I got to know about him when I saw this reality-based television series.

Where 16 fighters fight themselves in an elimination-based match, and the winner of the match was Yodsanklai.

He is very well-known for his huge fan base, and also he is an awesome powerful left roundhouse kicker and he has mastery of muay Thai techniques.

He has a nickname of “Boxing Computer” for his knowledge of all may thai techniques.

 In June 2017 he has announced his retirement from the fighting world, because of his serious injury, but he has still returned to ONE Championship.

But his golden days are long time gone. He has loose back-to-back 3 times.

But then he started to get some traction, In 2018 he was rank 5th lightweight champion in the world and 2019 rank no.10 lightweight in the world by Combat Press.

On March 1, 2021, “The Boxing Computer” announced his retirement on social media.

Buakaw Banchamek

muay thai thailand fighters

Buakaw is an international muay thai star, he has brought an international interest in Thailand’s national sport muay thai.

It was him who kick down a banana tree, the popular viral YouTube video, that has close to 3 Million views.

His fighting style is very brutal and aggressive and is famous for his Bada** KO.

He is very fun and exciting to watch in a ring, because of his forward kicking and punching movement.

Maybe he is not the best fighter, but he is the most popular fighter. Before starting muay thai training, or knowing about muay thai I knew about Buakaw, that he is a fighter.

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Samart Payakaroon

muay thai thailand fighters

The true muay thai legend is often known as the best muay thai fighters of all time, the real GOAT of muay thai.

He is known with many names in muay thai, as the mixture of both Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali in muay thai.

He has trained under the legend Yodtong Senanan.

In muay thai he was very good with his hands so after winning several muay thai champions he decided to fight in boxing, and then he won a WBC junior featherweight title.

Along with his boxing skills, he was a master of his teep kicking attack and defense, which brought his success to another level.

No one can match his teep kick (push kick).

He gets the name of “Muhammad Ali” because of his style of fighting where he didn’t let anyone come near him to hurt him.

Sagat Petchyindee

sagat muay thai thailand fighter
Source: Facebook

Oh! this is another fighter who brought the mass international interest in muay thai.

The one-eyed villain in the video game Street Fighter was based on this muay thai fighter. And, this game becomes damn popular for every kid.

He is an awesome boxer in muay thai, his punches and elbows are awesome.

Mostly, he is famous for his incredible IQ in the ring and his incredibly powerful punches and elbows, kicks that are indefensible.

Sagat was a golden era muay thai champion with heavy punching history.

Somrak Khamsing

muay thai thailand fighters

He is proud of Thailand, he has represented Thailand in Olympics in boxing and won a gold medal.

He has never fought for championships because he is too good in terms of the fight promoters.

Yet he has beaten all the champions in his era and recognized as the best muay thai fighter.

It’s refreshing to watch his fights.

Then he started to try some other careers for himself, like singing, training, acting and also fighting some occasional fights.

Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn

muay thai thailand fighters

Namsaknoi is also known as “The Emperor” is an incredible fighter, who has the best fight record in muay thai, with 285 wins out of 300-fight.

In muay thai history he has done an unbelievable thing, he has been undefeated for straight 6 years between 2000-2006.

After some of his fighting time he started to train as a muay thai trainer in Evolve MMA gym.

Now he trains people abroad.


saenchai thailand muay thai fighter

Saenchai another true legend of muay thai. He has his muay thai style, he owns his fighting style, his fighting style and skills are incomparable.

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He is also regarded as the greatest of all time. His short structure may seem like he has a disadvantage.

But that is not the case, his unique style supports him to conquer any big fighter.

And it proves the mastery of his fighting skills.

He is one of the most unique, and interesting fighters to watch in a ring, cause no one will ever know his upcoming move.

His super fast movement, powerful leg kicks, leg sweeps, teep kicks, and his most famous cartwheel kick, are the endpoint of a fight.

Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn

dieselnoi muay thai
Source: Facebook

A 6-foot tall man with sky-touching knees, Dieselnoi has the most deadly knee strikings.

He continuously dominates the Lumpinee lightweight division during 1981-1985, by becoming undefeated.

In his golden era in 1982, he defeated Samart Payakaroon and in 1984 defeat Sagat Petchyindee, one of the greatest of the golden era.

He was known as the best “muay Khao”, an aggressive knee fighter.

Petchboonchu FA Group

Petchboonchu FA Group
Source: Pinterest

Petchboonchu is a modern-era clinch fighter.

He has several high-level belts on his waist. He is another great muay Khao fighter, who mostly fights with aggressive knee strikes and clinching.

In between 2016-2017, he started train muay thai in Evolve-MMA.

Now this modern era legend works at ONE Championship to recruit muay thai fighters.

Chamuakpetch Harpalang


Chamuakpetch is a hero of Petchboonchu FA Group. Petchboonchu admires him very much.

Chamuakpetch, the most decorated muay thai golden era legend of all time.

In his time he got the nickname of “Computer Knee Striker” for his brutal knee strikes.

He was an incredible knee striker and clinch master.

Mostly he was famous for his mid and long-range knee strikes.

He has won the “fighter of the year” award to honor him as the very best fighter in the world.


Here’s the list of the best of the best fighters, without any ranking.

Cause each and everyone is a legend in their own right.

If you have any personal favorite who is not on this list, please let me know in the comment section.

Here you can check out my picks for top female muay thai fighters and do muay thai is effective on the street fight.

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