The Great Muay Boran Stance

The real muay Thai enthusiast who has gone deep into the learning of Muay Thai also has often heard or know about this fighting style called muay boran.

The word Muay Boran means “The Ancient Fight” like if you translate Muay means ” to fight” and Boran means “ancient”.

The thai people develop this unarmed technique to kill peoples in the war.

By using some very dangerous techniques like hitting the groin or the back of the head and lots of flying knees, elbows.

After some time this art was developed into a modern combat sport called muay thai.

But Muay Boran is a very raw form that retained his original form.

They didn’t wear gloves, they wrap their hands with hemp ropes.

This technique has another name muay kard chuek.

The Muay Boran Stance

1. Center-aligned body

Muay Boran follows a very Center aligned body posture.

In their stance, they try to centerline with their fists to have a competitive advantage against their competitors.

And the center alignment helps them to have a proper balance and a good defense and offense.

2. The wide and low stance

The stance of the muay boran is very wide and low.

The wide and lower stance helps them guard their vulnerable body parts like the groin area.

Muay Boran has very few rules, so they have to protect themselves by lower their body posture.

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By this stance, they almost protect all their parts from aggressive attacks.

3. The straight-line hands

They keep their centerline fists very straight because they attack very quickly and effectively.

And also their straight-line hands help them to defend against brutal attacks.

There are a lot of flying elbows and flying knees that have to be defended.

And the centered straight hands help them to defend from one of the dangerous attacks in muay Boran the headbutt.


There are no rules in Muay Boran but except for the use of weapons in the fight. 

The fact is anything illegal in muay thai is legal in muay Boran from Groin attacks, ground fighting, throws, and headbutts.

The muay Boran stance has a very important role to defend the fighters from major injuries.

Their fighting stance is pretty different from Muay Thai.

And their stance reflects the moves they’re allowed to do.

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Is the Muay Boran illegal?

The Muay Boran was created to kill peoples in warfare but those shots were immediately banned. So it has some very dangerous moves that are illegal in muay thai like groin attacks, headbutts, etc. And yes, it’s very dangerous.

What is the difference between Muay Boran and Muay Thai?

Muay Boran is a deadly technique developed to kill people which has grappling, ground fighting along stand-up fighting. But in Muay Thai it only consists of stand-up fighting.

How old is the Muay Boran?

Muay Boran is approximately 200 years old, it’s an ancient thai martial art technique developed to kill people in the war.

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